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For Home Owners

We Buy Houses
Any condition considered.

Paying PMI? By getting an appraisal from us you may remove PMI charges from your mortgage if the value of your home has increased. Click the following link to learn more about

Home Mortgage Insurance
An insurance policy that will pay off the mortgage balance in case something unforeseen happens to your spouse. If you don't have enough money to pay for the house when you buy it, you should consider this type of insurance. NOT to be confused with PMI which is required by your mortgage company, this is a stand-alone insurance policy. To see if you qualify, return to home page and click on the "GOT A QUESTION" button in the upper right. 

Need to lower mortgage payments. You can do so with an FHA loan. We are qualified to do appraisals for FHA loans. 

Estate Planning
View Estate Planning Documents provided by our Affiliates at Legacy by clicking on the following link:
Estate Planning Documents

Preliminary Questionnaire

Tax Revaluation Appeals
County governments use mass appraisal methodology to arrive at the tax value for your property. If you think you have been unfairly taxed, you can obtain your own appraisal, contact me and dispute your property tax bill before the Board of Equalization and Review.

Insurable Value Cost Report Available
Insurable Value
is different than the value quoted in your appraisal which is Market Value. If your house burns, Insurable Value does not include the land (site value) because the land will not have to be replaced, but it does include things like debris removal. 
Contact me for an Insurable Value Cost Report that you can give to your insurance company that could save you money on your dwelling insurance premium.


For Home Buyers

Loan Appraisals
We offer appraisals for Home Origination and FHA loans.


For Realtors

Pre-Listing Appraisals
Need to know what a house is worth before listing it. We offer Pre-Listing Appraisals.

We also provide Field Measurement Services (GLA).

Sample Sketch
Click here to view a sample sketch.


For Lenders

We offer training services. 

Review Appraisals



Estate appraisals
 offered, such as for tax related purposes.

Domestic cases
We offer appraisals pertaining to domestic cases such as bankruptcy or divorce.

Get the new word on Private Road Maintenance Agreement.


CPAs and Financial Planners 
Information will be added soon.


For Insurance Agents

Estate Planning
View Estate Planning Documents provided by our Affiliates at Legacy:  
Estate Planning Documents 

Preliminary Questionnaire


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